YouthGod loves youth. God used a young David to lead a stunning victory. God championed the teaching ministry of a young Jeremiah. Mary was a youth when she carried, delivered and raised Jesus. Some of the apostles were likely very young. Many of the women who played prominent roles in the ministry of Jesus were likely young. And, Jesus himself was a young man.

Pond Springs believes passionately that young people are the church of the present, not just the future. There are key spiritual leaders in our church family who spend significant time investing in the lives of young men and women to help them ask and answer the important questions of life, preparing them for successful lives as productive, Christ-followers.

Our youth have many ongoing opportunities for learning, service, growth,  outreach and fun:

Sunday/Wednesday Classes

Sunday Night Live

Camp-K Campers (Junior and Senior week)

Camp-K Big Brothers and Big Sisters (Junior week)

Various Retreats, Camp Outs, etc.

Scripture Readings in Worship

Leading Devos

Participating in the Communion Service

Serving at the Ashwood Assisted Living Community

LTC (Leadership Training for Christ)

Mission Trips

Wilderness TREK