Prayer is powerful. And, in Christian history the human touch during prayer is a significant symbolic act. To “lay hands” on someone during a prayer time may seem antiquated to some, overly spiritual to others or even just weird or uncomfortable.

 At Pond Springs, when there is a significant need for special prayer, when their is an ordination or a commissioning of a missionary or a plea to God for healing, strength or hope, the Pond Springs family will gather around that person, lay our hands on them and pray. Often will sing a song afterwards to share our love, to offer our worship to God or to signify our unity before the Lord.

Guests are welcomed to join in with these special times of prayer, but are certainly not forced to and if they feel uncomfortable, we understand and would never try to shame or guilt you into participating. God hears prayers from wherever one might want to offer them and you might feel more comfortable staying seated and praying in that way or just observing the prayer time in quiet reflection. Either way, we pray that you are blessed when you are with us.